Truth Hurts

Long time, no see.  I’ve been slacking on the blog lately. I had a situation tonight that has spurred me to write again, mainly because I need to vent but also because I need a reality check.  Am I crazy?  That is the question.  I ask myself this question often actually because my logic continues to be […]

7 Steps to Overcoming Shame

I went through a life-changing experience 6 years ago when the Lord decided that it was time for me to overcome the shame of my past which was holding me back. Then He used me to free many others from their shame through counseling. If you have a past that most people don’t know about, […]

Does God Care About What We Eat?

Today I want to address the church. There’s a question burning on my heart: Does God care about our health? Our physical health. We address emotional and spiritual health all the time in the church community, but does God care about our physical health? There are some who might say no, but I’m guessing the […]

Is Positivity Ever Negative?

Is positivity ever negative?  Positive people will shout, “Of course not!” I have been transcribing an interview tonight on the law of attraction.  Let me just say that I am frustrated with the whole idea on many levels. One of the biggest annoyances is that people believe it’s good to lie to themselves and deny […]

My Prison

I see the destination not far ahead. I’m almost there. So excited! Thoughts of anticipation race through my mind as I ponder all the things I want to do, see, experience in this new place. It will be so awesome to experience this place of freedom and love.  I will relax into the life that […]

You Don’t Know What You Got

I’ve learned SO many lessons from my health crisis experience (Side note: I don’t like the phrase “health crisis experience”. What should I call that time I went through? Taking suggestions!). I find myself driven to share those lessons and teach those lessons so that others may learn without having to experience the pain and […]

The Road Less Traveled

Satan knocked the wind out of me tonight.  I spent the past several hours being offered many things that I couldn’t have but desperately wanted.  Then, being teased and mocked for refusing to join in.

What ifs

Many times I find myself bombarded with “what if” thoughts late at night.  Thoughts that begin with “What if…” are anxious thoughts.  I don’t tend to be an anxious person, but I do tend to stay up much later than I should.  Physical exhaustion lends itself to anxiety.  Why is this?  I think it’s because […]