Announcement: Changing blog

Hello! I am excited to announce that I am embarking on a brand new journey with a brand new business. This business has been a dream and a prayer for 4 long years. This year it becomes a reality!! It is a health coaching business called CREATED TO BE WELL. I have big plans for 2017 […]

A Letter from the Future

A letter to myself as a young mom: “You are embarking on the best years of your life. In fact, there’s nothing in the world that will bring you greater joy than raising these little boys. Your favorite part of every day, every week, every year will be the times spent feeding them, chasing them, […]


Stress… it’s a powerful thing.  Although there were a lot of factors that contributed to my physical downfall in 2012, I feel that stress was not only the straw that broke the camel’s back but also the driving force of my gradual decline.  For the past week I’ve had a prolonged and constant feeling of […]

Open Eyes

I talk a lot about my life changing experience from two years ago.  Why?  It’s not out of a need to dwell on the past. It’s out of a desire to process all the ways in which my life and my outlook has changed.  It’s out of a desire to help others. I remember when […]

15 Things I’ve Learned on My Health Journey

1. There’s a pizza commercial during every single commercial break of every single TV station. 2. Food is what makes most things fun so without it, a lot of things lose their appeal. 3. How to pronounce “quinoa”. 4. I like brussel sprouts. 5. It’s very easy to live without pop. 6. Coconut oil is […]

Extra! Extra! Read All About It

This past week was a little more exciting than the average week.  My story was in the Dayton Daily News on the front page of the Life section!  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to reach a larger audience with the message of hope and healing.  I’ve had a large response from many […]

Evolution of Medicine

For my day job, I’m a virtual assistant.  This means that I do administrative tasks for many different businesses from the comfort of my own home.  One of my newest clients is a company that puts on functional medicine health summits.  My job is to transcribe (type) the interviews that are part of these summits. […]

My Worst Enemy

When you find a great new gadget or food or store, what do you naturally want to do? You want to share it with others. You are excited about it and talk about it when socializing with others. When you meet someone who expresses a need for it, you get especially excited to tell them […]

The Road Less Traveled

Satan knocked the wind out of me tonight.  I spent the past several hours being offered many things that I couldn’t have but desperately wanted.  Then, being teased and mocked for refusing to join in.

Another blog? Why??

Some of you may be saying:  “Ugh!  Another blog…why does everyone think that they are so special that everyone wants to read about their boring life?” Then again, some of you may be saying:  “Another blog!  Yippee!  I am subscribed to 50 and they’re the highlight of my week!” So, why have I decided to […]