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For my day job, I’m a virtual assistant.  This means that I do administrative tasks for many different businesses from the comfort of my own home.  One of my newest clients is a company that puts on functional medicine health summits.  My job is to transcribe (type) the interviews that are part of these summits.  When they interview doctors and health coaches, I get to listen and transcribe what they say.  Guess what this means?  This means I get to learn a TON of new information.  In fact, these aren’t just any interviews. These are interviews with the doctors that are on the cutting edge of the latest research.  And these are functional medicine doctors which means they believe in treating the body as a whole system where each part effects other parts rather than segmenting the body into many sections like specialists do. In addition, they believe in getting to the root cause of disease and treating it naturally when possible.  Yay me!  This is the PERFECT job for me!!

Since my blog is all about living well and these summits are all about living well, how could I not share them with my favorite people in the world… you, my blog followers!?  The latest summit started today. Yes, I am a little late in announcing this to you. However, it’s not too late at all!  You can sign up now and still catch most of the goodies.  I have already transcribed these interviews so I know all the content that’s there. And let me tell you… much of it is mind-blowing!

If you suffer with any type of chronic disease such as an autoimmune condition or if you are in the health field or if you want to live a high quality life in which you feel great all the time – you gotta listen to this stuff!  I want to make it abundantly clear that I do not get any kind of commission whatsoever for telling you this.  My only motive is to see people well!  If you don’t feel like you need it for you, I’m sure you know someone who you could help if you knew how.

Basically, it’s 8 days of interviews – a few interviews a day.  You can pick and choose which ones you want to listen to if you don’t have time to listen to them all.  I personally like to listen to them when I’m driving in the car.  The best part —- IT’S FREE!!  When does that ever happen?  Uh, never!

I hope you will all check it out, and I’d absolutely love to hear what you learn and/or how it changes your thoughts or your life.

The website to sign up is TheEvolutionOfMedicineSummit.com. Spread the word and let’s start getting well!

Happy listening!





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