Another blog? Why??

Some of you may be saying:  “Ugh!  Another blog…why does everyone think that they are so special that everyone wants to read about their boring life?”

Then again, some of you may be saying:  “Another blog!  Yippee!  I am subscribed to 50 and they’re the highlight of my week!”

So, why have I decided to write a blog?  Well, many of you have been asking me for years to write a book.  And, since writing a book proposal, finding an agent, and getting published take too much effort…I’ve opted for a blog instead.

My goal is not to bore you with the details of my not-so-simple life but rather to make you think and to educate.  Thinking, I believe, is an exercise we should all do regularly.  I hope my blog posts spark something in your mind that either causes you to look at things in a different way or think deeper about an issue.  The posts should generate discussion either online or at home.  Since leaving the counseling field, I’ve needed an outlet for my overactive mind.  This is the product of that need.  In addition, I hope to educate through what I’ve learned as a counselor, a home school mom, an entrepreneur,  an unhealthy person turned healthy, and a child of the King!

So, what are you waiting on?  Go ahead…subscribe!  You’ll get a weekly email that will (hopefully) exercise your brain, touch your heart, and teach you something.


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